Who are you?

Let’s dive right into this, you have or work for a company and that company wants to sell a product or service. So what? There is an entire industry of people and companies who are selling the same product or service. You can’t rely on the product or service to sell itself as it is – there’s nothing to that and therefore nothing that a consumer can relate to or buy into.

Demystifying Brand

So, this is where brand kicks in. A brand is your company’s personality and how that personality thinks and feels about it’s product or service. Now, you can’t just make up a personality, it has to be relatable and that leads us into the next question, “who are we relating to?”

Your Target Market

Take a look at who is buying your product and using your service. How would you position yourself (from an outsiders perspective) in a way that appeals to these people? What do these people do for work, how old are they, what type of language do they use or do they use slang?

So what makes a good brand?

Your brand is benefitting your company well if it clearly delivers the message of the perception and personality you are trying to portray clearly. If this is done right your brand should be connecting to your target prospects and emotionally motivating the buyer to want, desire and buy your product or service. Your brand should create loyalty and a following of people who align with your company knowing that you understand their needs and wants.

So what are you customers needs and wants?

When you take a look at your consumers needs and wants you’ll understand how to position your company as their hero. Yes! Their hero. You need to provide the solution to their problems through you product or service – why does your brand provide the best of its kind? Because you understand the pain points of your clients and your brand will show that not only do you understand this but you’ve found the best solution for it.

So where do the visuals come into all of this?

Once you understand what your selling better and who you’re selling it to, you can then create visuals that represent these concepts and clear brand messaging well. Now what your consumers are seeing starts to make sense and it will also feel, to them, that the shoe fits right.


Many companies have professionally designed logos that look gorgeous. But if doesn’t fit your company and it’s objectives accurately then it won’t make a dent on the financial and marketing end of things. True success comes when there has been careful thought and strategy behind your brand and what it represents to your consumers.

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