About Tina Dee & Brandzuzu

10+ years industry experience

Art Director + Sr. Designer

Premium-level design

So what’s the difference?

Jr. Designer
1-3yrs industry experience

  • Slow pace
  • Little project diversity
  • Little to no agency experience
  • Indirect client relations
  • No understanding of marketing goals or how to design for them
  • Little team collaboration
  • ---
Int. Designer
4-6yrsindustry experience

  • Moderate-pace work
  • Decent diversity in design projects
  • Maybe some agency experience
  • Familiar with surrounding team roles
  • Less micromanagement needed
  • Some client relations
  • No experience as a team lead
  • ---

Why Brandzuzu?

I started Brandzuzu because of the challenges that design agencies and businesses have when looking to find experienced, talented designers that can expertly manage and design their work and projects, all in good timing.

It really takes someone with years of experience in all the right places to intuitively understand a brand at a glance, with little conversation around it and to design for it as if they have been your seasoned, full-time, in-house designer for some time.

Why Tina?

I’ve had my hands on a diverse range of design projects in fast-paced environments for many years. This put a demand on my visual intuition that required it to be honed-in and on point. There was little to no room to miss it on the design direction.

This is where I acquired a super-power to design really well, really fast and why I’m super pumped and confident to offer these skills and talents that I’ve picked-up over the years to you and your business. Because who doesn’t love doing something they’re great at and helping others see success through it? There’s nothing more gratifying.

Let’s do this!

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